It takes more than just leadership to take your business to new heights.

A sustainable talent pool that matches your company’s vision and culture can make business soar and contributes to achieving your goals.
But in today’s challenging economic climate, attracting qualified candidates and filling all the open positions has become increasingly difficult.

We know and we’ve seen how people substantially contribute to turning your ambitions into reality. That’s why we never settle for average and we dig deep to find your business the best talent that exceeds even your highest expectations.
Through our extensive Talent Acquisition services and consultative approach, we help you build better teams and strengthen your business operations through the power of people who work towards meeting your strategic goals.

With a powerful network of offices in Europe and the Middle East, our Talent Acquisition specialists provide right-match opportunities all around the world to help both candidates and companies realize their dreams.


Higher chance of hiring the right people


Candidates we place last 57% longer in their jobs and are 5x more likely to be top performers


Our hires deliver 25% greater value


Our clients achieve 2x more performance

Our Talent Acquisition process

1. Need identification

We start with the most important, yet overlooked, step. We actively listen to what you need and we build a deep understanding of what the ideal team looks like to you, so we know exactly what you’re searching for.

2. Position description & requirements

To attract the best-fit talent, our consultants help you craft specific position descriptions with all the relevant information & position requirements. We know that today’s talented people look for more than generic statements; they want to know all about the opportunities you present to them and what is expected from them.

3. Research

We tackle the market research process with objectivity and precision. Using technology and industry best practices, not only do we look into your company’s needs, but we also monitor the market’s demands and your competitor’s hiring activities. We also maintain solid relationships with our accomplished candidates to connect them with the most golden opportunities.

4. Talent spotting

Our recruiting professionals know how difficult it is to find exceptional talent as they are often passive. But with our highly effective search process, we secure your company people you once thought were unreachable. After years of experience, we know what interests them and what doesn’t, and we make sure they pick you. LinkedIn won’t find you top candidates. Our committed recruiters will.

5. Selection & evaluation

We take on the hiring process with utmost sincerity & confidentiality from start to finish. We know that every hiring decision can have an enormous impact on both your business and the candidate. That’s why we look into even the smallest details to make sure the candidate we’re interviewing matches your requirements and is a long-term fit with your company.

6. Collaboration

After completing the selection process, our professional recruiters present you with a detailed brief on the best candidates they have found. These candidates have all the technical and behavioral competencies you need and would make valuable contributions to your organization. They have the ability to shine and make your business shine as well, and we offer you well-informed advice on how to proceed to secure them.

7. Reference checks

We understand the amount of effort & resources that pour into making the right hire, and we value trust above all. That’s why we conduct thorough reference checks to make sure the candidates we picked are truly the ones your company needs now and in the future.

8. Offer negotiations

Negotiations can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to secure outstanding talent while equally doing the best for your company. We are committed to giving you all the guidance and support you require while staying realistic & managing both sides’ expectations. After successfully completing the negotiation process, we assist you in welcoming the candidate you looked so thoroughly for.

9. Follow up & onboarding

Our role doesn’t end with placement. We treat each client as a partner, and we walk side by side with them throughout the whole onboarding process. We make sure the candidate’s transition to your company is successful and we establish a trustworthy point of contact for consistent follow-up after placement. To us, hiring is more than just finding people to fill empty office desks. It’s a constant commitment to uncovering outstanding talent for outstanding companies, and making sure that together, they give out exceptional outcomes in the future.

What you get


We don’t just settle for finding and placing exceptional people.
We build solid personal partnerships with our clients by understanding their requirements and capturing the talent they need, so they can achieve the vision & growth they deserve.
Satisfied repeat clients form 65% of our business.


After analyzing your company’s needs, we ensure full transparency and constant communication throughout the whole recruitment process. We adopt a partnership approach and work hand-in-hand with all our clients to ensure the best possible outcome.


We make informed decisions based on valuable industry-related insights. We constantly build a deep knowledge of industry best practices and work on developing our approach in line with industry trends.
We analyze & study data beyond the CVs to make sure your company gets the best–fit candidate.
We have direct access to important compensation insights & data.


We assist our clients in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that represents what their company culture stands for. We also design and monitor diversity statistics in order to foster better accountability.
Your success in securing top talent for your business is our success as well. Everything we do from start to finish showcases our deep knowledge of the recruitment process and our awareness of the importance of choosing the right people that will grow with your company.