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We work hand in hand with our clients on every level of their organization, from designing the structure to support your operation to establishing the best fit leadership and workforce that will drive it forward. And we don’t stop there! We support you with strategy, marketing, and technology consulting to achieve the delicate balance needed for your sustainable growth and success.

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Design and develop your unified talent pool.

For most companies, attracting, developing, and deploying the best fit talent to enact their vision is a game of trial and error, and recurring expenses. With over a decade of expertise, we can help you build and maintain a team that’s aligned to your values and objectives.


Employee Recruiting, Screening, and Hiring

We work thoroughly on defining your objectives and the requirements to match them, ensuring that your internal team remains staffed with qualified individuals that suit your work culture, match your requirements, and enact your strategy.

Policy and Procedure Development

We assist you in developing, implementing, and evaluating your HR policies and procedures. These services include maintaining accurate policy manuals, reviewing policy and procedure periodically, and updating documentation as needed.

Annual Employee Review

We offer employee review services that capture the quantitative and qualitative data relevant to each employee, and present that data in an informative and clear format detailing the overall trends and themes within your talent pool. Based on our in-depth research, we highlight points of strength within your teams and areas for improvement.

Performance Management

Our HR team will constantly track, evaluate, and improve employee performance. We provide HR support should any issues arise, and work with management to develop plans to boost employee performance.

Payroll Solutions

We offer full payroll support, including payroll management, direct deposit, and tax remitting and filing.

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Align your structure and capabilities with your strategic goals.

Your organizational structure is the driving force behind your growth and success. At Brakket Consult, we understand that collaboration and cohesion among all components of your organization are at the root of your competitive advantage; any discrepancy in your structure will likely reflect in underwhelming or unwanted results and performance.



We help you ensure that your talent pool is agile, focused, and adaptable to the changing market needs. For this, it is crucial to have well-defined objectives that translate into clear processes, with the right leaders at the right place. We develop personalized programs to assess and enhance your leadership capabilities, offering hands-on training that match your and your leaders’ contexts.

Merger Management and Integration

While M&As offer a tempting path to growth and increased value creation, most of them lead to value destruction due to poor integration. We help you eliminate that risk as we harmonize your structures and processes post-merger and create the momentum you initially sought.

Organizational Transformation and Redesign

We help you conceptualize a comprehensive and cohesive approach to your organizational transformation, and ensure that your leadership and teams are well-aligned with your new structure.

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Balance out the risks while boosting your performance.

In an era of increasing disruption, a less-than-bulletproof strategy could be fatal for your business. We help you build your roadmap to sustained growth, improving your ability to adapt and bend in response to changing market and customers needs and technological disruptions, among other factors that may pose a risk to your performance.


Business Strategy

We conduct enterprise-wide management of your business, such as growth, portfolio mix, business unit strategy, following up with the impact of global trends and managing government stakeholders.

Growth Strategy and Corporate Portfolio

We help define, build, and maintain winning business portfolios, and align actions with long-term objectives, while elaborating plans to manage risks and potential challenges.

Corporate Strategy and Finance

We conduct finance organization, support with portfolio strategy and major investment decisions, adapt corporate strategy to capital markets performance, improve and manage investor communications, ensure that M&A and other transactions are consistent with overall strategy, and conduct strategic due diligence reviews and integration planning.

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Build a unique value-creating commercial strategy.

Marketing is ever-changing and its volatility often leaves businesses lagging behind their competitors. We extensively dive into consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities to help you prioritize investments and optimize marketing spend. Brakket Consult’s expertise spans over the entice commercial journey to help you drive sustainable growth and get ahead of the competition.


Distribution Imperatives

If you’re like most financial firms, it is crucial for you to balance the need to reduce distribution costs, retain clients, retain advisers, and stimulate revenue. Our proprietary research on the behaviors and attitudes of both customers and advisers helps life insurers, wealth managers, and other financial firms address these multiple challenges in the way that is most adequate for your particular needs and contexts.

Boosting Advisory Sales Force Effectiveness

We work with you to achieve revenue growth by improving the productivity of your advisory sales forces. We focus on understanding producer mind-sets and barriers to sales at various career stages, and we conduct proprietary research on several aspects of distribution, including meeting the needs of consumers as they prepare for and enter retirement.

Designing Customer Experience

We help you evaluate current and potential service delivery models across channels, identify opportunities to create better experiences for your customers, and demonstrate how this enhanced experience translates into enhanced economic value. Our proprietary approach and data on business and segment-specific consumer behavior enable you to prioritize investments and optimize marketing spend.

Digital Marketing

With increasing numbers of consumers selecting and interacting with financial services providers online, we partner with you to refine your approach to digital marketing. Our work is based on primary research into customer needs and preferences.

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IT Effectiveness and Strategy

Solving your IT challenges internally is not only distracting, it is also costly and a potential nuisance to your business objectives priorities. We help you formulate solution that create business value, both as architects of innovative solutions and as implementation co-managers.

We help you improve your back-office performance, smart-sourcing, risk management, sales and marketing effectiveness, and conduct large-scale programs to optimize your system integration.