M&A Integration

Undergoing an M&A, especially in the case of hostile takeovers, can rock the boat and cause confusion within your organization.
It comes as no surprise that bringing together two companies, each with its own structure, operations, and culture, is an extremely complex process. To keep your operations running smoothly and avoid the much-dreaded value reduction in the M&A process, working on your post-merger structure must be your top priority.
During this uncertain time, your new organization needs a robust yet flexible structure that helps move it forward without reducing its value. And while there are many great options, choosing the right type of business structure for your company is crucial.
We tackle organizational restructuring after M&A deals carefully yet boldly. We know how to maximize value and minimize the misery that comes with – and after – M&A transactions.
Our M&A professionals help bring your companies together smoothly by designing and executing a post-M&A structure that generates new value and aligns your corporate activities.

Before kicking off the restructuring process, there are several considerations we take into account:


Training & learning: Providing your employees with structured training can give them the knowledge & skills they need to succeed in several positions throughout their careers.


We make sure the legal aspect of employee transfers and lay- offs – if any – is handled in compliance with local & international legal regulations.


We check out your mechanisms of communication & data tracking and management tools.

No merger is like the other, but throughout our years of experience, we assembled an efficient process that works for all kinds of businesses to reorganize them and help them achieve the desired outcome.

We start by weighing the profits and losses that come with the merger, and we set detailed business goals for the new structure.
We spot strengths, areas of improvement, and calls for action in both companies and take them into account when developing the new structure. We analyze your company in the most personalized way by studying all the factors that impact it.
We focus on your people and their capabilities to deter- mine what your business structure should look like and how it must work. We lay out all our organizational op- tions and take the best from each.
We launch the new structure and monitor how it does. Our work doesn’t end until we make sure your business is benefiting as much as possible from its reorganization. This step is usually for trial and error. We assess how well each of your business units is functioning and we adjust where necessary.

Your new organizational structure helps you:


Streamline your business processes.


Facilitate the integration process for both shareholders and employees.


Generate more value and achieve your company’s short-term & long-term goals.

By working closely with Management, HR, and shareholders, we create a trusting atmosphere and foster confidence. We approach the restructuring process with professional impartiality and objectivity, ensuring fairness for all parties involved.
If you’re looking to complete an M&A-driven organizational restructuring, the stakes are sky-high, and winging it is not an option.

Our professionals will help you plan it rigorously and implement it smoothly to transform what once was vulnerability into confidence.