The Importance Of IT Infrastructure

We have witnessed that in order to keep up with the fast-evolving business environment, having solid and adaptable IT infrastructures is essential. With increasing threats, your company needs to be confident that its IT structure is strong enough to withstand any forms of breaches.
Brakket Consult provides full-fledged IT services that boost the IT department’s efficiency, security, and productivity.
Our experts apply their business and technical experience to create, manage, and optimize strong IT infrastructures within your organization.

Our Services

Within our practice areas, we provide diversified professional IT services.
We have developed a strong, structured, and well-defined set of services specifically designed to meet business objectives and address targeted pain areas, making a true difference in the organization’s operations and management.

1. Business Starter Pack

This service is designed to help a new business take off properly in terms of all its IT/ IS needs.
The goal is to help new business owners stay focused on the core business they know best, while we handle the IT infrastructure to keep it running smoothly with minimal cost.

We handle even the earliest steps of launching a business:

> Domain name acquisition and management
> Cloud-based email setup and configuration
>  Internet connectivity establishment
> In-office Wi-Fi set up
> Starter website page
> Computers, servers, filing, collaboration, and all aspects of services and infrastructure required to operate a new business and set it on the right track.

2. Go-To-Cloud

Existing businesses of any size who have a traditional On-Premise IT/ IS infrastructure might be facing a number of issues and difficulties ranging from the rising cost of owning and managing their own IT to not generating the necessary returns and value from their investment.

Our Go-to Cloud Service is designed to address all of these issues.

We design and execute the Go-to Cloud Strategy based on your organizational objectives and within your budget constraints. We move all or parts of your business IT/IS, from email to your most important business applications ,to a highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.

3. Sustainbility

Whether you have an on-premise or a cloud-based infrastructure, you want to make sure that your environment is stable and always operational.

Our Sustainability service gives you that guarantee. We address issues that might cause the environment to break down and cause costly business disruptions.

To avoid such issues:
> We look after your firewall
> Solve any AVS issues
> Manage your file system and permissions
> Monitor your H/W failure and security
> Make sure your organisation’s email is working smoothly
> Fix any issues related to your Operating Systems

4. Support

To build a resilient IT/IS infrastructure, simply sustaining it is not enough. Your growing business requires a bulletproof infrastructure that resists even the most abrupt of changes.

Our Support Services provide you with:
> Assistance in designing and building your Back-up Plans
Data Recovery
> Regularly update your OS and other business applications with security patches
> Performance tuning for your DB and OS
> Handle all possible Wi-Fi and VPN issues

5. Operation & Management

Businesses around the globe are choosing to outsource their IT and IS operations as they prove to be more cost-efficient.

Our extensive Operation and Management experience covers every aspect of the IT and IS life cycle.

We design the required systems’ architecture for procurement and supplier management, and we simplify your operations so you can focus on your main responsibilities.

6. PC & User Support

PC and PC User support is one of the most demanding support activities in terms of time required and the amount of support staff to handle all PC and User Support requirements.

Through a proactive approach, we support every aspect of PC and Users’ daily needs, making sure that most of the classical and frequent problems are eliminated, and focusing on the more complex productivity-related aspects.

> We handle all sorts of PC support activities:
> Workstation backup and maintenance
> Driver’s update
> Email configuration
> Mobile devices integration
> Health checks
> OS related issues and AVS

7. Enterprise Systems Implementation And Services

Your business requirements go beyond IT and IS infrastructure services. The Software Business Solution needs a different type of attention and management to remain operational, efficient, secure and generate the expected returns.

Our Enterprise Systems Services cover a wide variety of domains and expertise:
> Database and web server implementation from multiple vendors like Oracle or Microsoft
> Application Clustering and High Availability Architecture
> Enterprise Back-Up and Disaster Recover Strategy Planning and Execution
> Microsoft servers
> System centers
> Messaging and Collaboration
> Data services such as extraction, migration and conversion

Cyber-Security Services

We do more than just manage cyber risks. Through program design, implementation, operation, and response services, we help you improve your organization’s security, visibility, and privacy. This, combined with our extensive industry and business knowledge, improves your ability to protect and defend your most valuable assets, facilitate secure digital transformation efforts, and respond quickly to emerging threats.

> Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
> IT compliance services
> Manage detection and response (MDR) service
> Incident response
> Monitoring & updating end-point device security protection
> Patch management as a service (PMaaS)
> Monitoring and alerting
> Cybersecurity awareness training
> SIEM as a service (SIEMaaS)

> Data Protection as a service (DPaaS)
> Cloud zero-trust network access
> Email security suite
> Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection
> DNS security
> Firewall/IDS/IPS
> Secure software development
> Securing code
> Testing hardware and firmware
> Securing hardware and firmware

> Network access control (NAC)
> Vendor risk management
> Penetration testing
> Wireless penetration testing
> Social engineering penetration testing

> Internal and external network penetration testing
> Penetration testing report
> Web application security
> Forensic investigation

> IT system audit, review and assessment
> IT risk management
> IT due diligence
> Vulnerability assessment
> Penetration testing

Areas Of Practice


Our professionals work with you on-site to:

> Analyze your environment

> Identify potential areas for improvement

> Detect any potential issues

> Determine and implement ideal solutions

> Monitor and evaluate a seamless execution


We help you build and maintain a state-of-the-art technology environment and provide you with remote assistance in running your IT operations. This model is designed to reduce personnel costs without compromising the quality of support.


Our experts watch over your IT environment by providing you with:

> Preventive maintenance

> Reactive support

> Proactive services.

These services will help reduce any downtime, enhance your operations, and protect them against any potential threats.


Whether you already have a full cloud environment, or whether you are looking to move part or all of your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud, our team of professionals will provide you with expert advisory on best practices to ensure a smooth transition.