Policy & procedure development

Any organization needs clear and effective policies to function properly, regardless of its size and structure. These policies can come in extremely handy in times of emergency as they can prevent your business from failing and keep your operations running smoothly.

Policies and procedures are an important part of human resource planning and can help govern organizational behavior. They can assist you in effectively managing employees within your workspace and prevent your operations from turning into chaos.

Having clear guidelines to organize relationships between employer and employees, reserving the rights of both parties, can ensure the smooth running of your business and provide an equal and fair work environment.

It’s important to let your employees know that following those policies can have an enormous impact on your business as a whole because they allow your people to focus on achieving their part in accomplishing organizational goals, not to mention that they promote a safer workplace for everyone.

If you’ve noticed that practices are deviating from policies, it’s probably time to update them or create new ones.

Using our deep knowledge of HR laws and best practices, we help your company develop the right policies and procedures that define responsibilities and provide the guidance your workforce needs in day-to-day operations.

Contact our HR professionals now to get help in creating, reviewing, and updating your policies and procedures.

Our HR professionals begin by assessing your existing policies if any. We double-check their compliance with local & international rules and regulations, and we make sure they meet all legal requirements. We then research the need behind each policy, and we proceed with identifying the main stakeholders with whom we organize sit-downs to discuss the desired outcomes from the policy.
After collecting all the necessary information, our Human Resources experts start drafting the policy and procedure in ways that fulfill all HR requirements. Clarity, conciseness, and readability are a must, so we make sure the draft is simple and written in an easy-to-understand language. When the draft is finalized, we send it to the main stakeholders & HR department for approval. If any adjustments are required, we execute them then review the document one final time.
Once the policy is approved by Management, we proceed with communicating it to employees and make sure each one of them clearly understood its content. We also monitor that every policy and procedure is being implemented and followed correctly.

Monitoring is extremely important at this stage because your company won’t reap the many benefits of policies and procedures if your employees don’t follow them in practice.
Policies and procedures regularly need reviewing to take new regulations and standards into account, and in times of crisis, your company will need to generate quick emergency policies (e.g. Covid-19 policy) which demand time you might not always have on your hands.
This is where our experts come in to save you the time and efforts this task requires.

In addition to the standard code of conduct, we assist you in designing special HR policies for your organization, and we offer professional advisory based on the industry you’re working in.

Creating and developing policies and procedures is a complex process that can overwhelm your human resources department. It also requires full cooperation and commitment from top executives and employees. But when developed and implemented properly, they can help your business run efficiently and easily achieve its strategic goals.

Contact our HR professionals now to get help in creating, reviewing, and updating your policies and procedures.