Payroll Solutions

Managing payroll seems like a never-ending task when you have a billion other things to do. But paying the people who work so hard for you should be one of your main priorities.
Payroll and HR come hand in hand, and normally, payroll is handled either by your HR department or your accounting & finance department. However, most companies today are choosing to outsource payroll services to deal with paycheck processing, insurance, and employee compensation & benefits.

Through one of our entities, we offer fully-fledged payroll services to facilitate the process of paying your people.
Our HR professionals understand each component of the payroll process and help you make it an easier task by offering you a list of payroll-related services that are aligned with your company’s needs.

A good payroll service reduces the hassle of payroll and helps you:

Centralize your payroll data in one place so you can come back to it any time you need without having to look in different systems. This can be achieved by using payroll software that can even minimize the amount of data you need for more accuracy. The software can also give you alerts on potential errors.
Save time by settling any payroll discrepancies swiftly and creating formulas for benefits, bonuses, and payroll taxes.
Seamlessly integrate any relevant HR data like attendance and benefits so that employee data is reflected everywhere without you having to do much.
Significantly reduce risks like compliance, calculation errors, and tax filings. Payroll service providers are aware of employment standards & laws and make sure your payroll is compliant with them and that you are remitting employment taxes accurately & in a timely manner.
Create and access your own detailed payroll reports to uncover actionable insights and forecast effectively. You can also easily export your payroll data to any other.
Gain flexibility by paying your employees on time, running payroll whenever you want, and giving out bonuses on the spot without needing tax preparation or calculation.

To effectively process payroll, our HR experts work closely with you to gather all the necessary data like timesheet information, changes to pay, maternity leavers, and new joiners. All personal information we collect is handled with care and complete transparency & confidentiality.

After gathering the information we need, we proceed with:

Ensuring that your payroll functions and processes are compliant with the latest local & international legislations.

Calculating employee net pay including all types of leaves.

Creating employee payslips and keeping detailed financial records.

Producing and filing payroll and income tax, and any other official documents required.

Processing Year-End payroll where we evaluate your business’s tax liabilities, employee compensation, paycheck deductions, and more.

By streamlining the payroll process, we significantly simplify the accounting & tax compliance that come with paying your employees. You also get access to a variety of payroll reports to keep track of your finances and stay on top of any errors that may happen in the future. The advantages of getting our experts’ help & advisory are endless, but the one that comes at the top of the list is peace of mind. Confi- dentiality, transparency, and reliability are guaranteed on our part, so you never have to worry about having other people handle your finances.
Think of us as your partners in payroll processing where we take on all the heavy lifting it requires while you focus on your main business responsibilities.

Pay your people easily with our payroll solutions that pay off. Contact our experts now.