Compensation & benefits

High-performing companies come from highly engaged employees.

If you’re wondering how to keep your employees motivated, there is no one way. It is more of a series of measures that you constantly take to keep them satisfied, and this includes giving your employees the right compensation and benefits.

When your people feel seen and appreciated, their productivity and motivation will skyrocket. Not to mention that an attractive benefits package gives you a competitive edge, helps you attract good candidates, and also helps you retain employees you looked so hard for.

The list of benefits your company gets from offering employees compensation is invaluable:

High-potential candidates usually know their value. Providing a competitive salary not only helps your business secure top talent but also incentivizes them to give some extra effort to prove that they deserve what you’re offering them.

When your company offers its employees good compensation, they are less likely to leave it. Your employees become more loyal to your company which decreases turnover rates, therefore, preventing you from spending time and resources to look for new talent. Offering your people the compensation they deserve is one of the best ways to achieve employee retention.

Employees that feel valued become more motivated and productive.
They immediately care more about the quality of their work and become increasingly motivated to achieve their long-term goals & exceed expectations. This boost in productivity will subsequently enhance your company’s profitability.

To make sure your people are cared for, we help you create an extensive compensation and benefits package for each employee according to performance indicators and seniority grades within each job classification. The compensation packages we design are based on thorough research & market study, are up to date with new employment laws, and give your company a competitive edge in terms of salaries, bonuses, and commissions.

When setting up compensation plans, we start by defining the biggest component: salaries and wages. We analyze each employee’s skills, experience, job description, and performance level, and we define the pay structures accordingly.
We also plan for bonuses to be offered to employees at the end of the year as an incentive.

In addition to compensation plans, our human resource professionals help you set up a competitive benefits plan along with an equity-based program that motivates your teams and encourages them to achieve their goals. By offering attractive benefits to your employees, you can limit employee turnover and increase your retention rates.
The employee benefits we put in place can include health insurance, stock options, retirement, paid time off, family and medical leave, and continued education & professional development.
A well-planned compensation program can make your company win the talent game against its competitors, and helps you manage your workforce with a consistent budget.

Reach out to our experts to plan & execute the compensation & benefits plan your employees deserve.